School Counselling Referrals

Please read the check list carefully, proceed to the online referral Form below, then complete it and press submit.

If a child or young person asks for counselling or a parent or staff member have identified that counselling might be helpful to the child’s wellbeing, it is necessary to explain what counselling is:

It is important to talk to the parent/carer and the child/young person, using appropriate language suitable for their age and understanding.

Click the Counselling Info for Adults & Children link below to access resources:

  1. Give the child information verbally from Area 43’s information leaflet (Information for Children and Young People) and a copy to take away.
  2. Area 43 has information leaflets for Parents & Carers and for School Staff

It would be usual for younger children to been seen by the counsellor attached to the secondary school that that child will eventually attend.

Checklist for referring a child or young person for counselling

Before Area 43 can start the counselling process, we need the following information and certain procedures to have taken place:

  1. The name and age of the child/young person
  2. The name of the secondary school they will attend in Year 7 (if applicable)
  3. Information about any other agencies who might be working with the child
  4. Confirmation that someone has spoken to the child and explained what counselling is
  5. Confirmation that the child agrees to see the counsellor
  6. Written parental consent for year 6 and below and others in certain circumstances

Please feel free to contact Lisa Head on 01239 614566 if you need further information or have any questions.