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Schools Based Counselling

Area 43 offers independent counselling services in Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron, Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi, Ysgol Bro Pedr and Ysgol Bro Teifi, Ysgol Y Preseli and an Independent School Based Counselling Service from Reception to Year 13 in Carmarthenshire schools.

The counselling service began in 2008, following a commitment made by Welsh Government that ‘all school pupils will be able to access counselling, giving them confidence that their needs will be heard and addressed’.  The development of a universal school-based counselling service for all children and young people in Wales was a recommendation of the Children’s Commissioner for Wales’ Clywch Inquiry Report.

Counselling is a skilled way of helping people with personal and developmental issues and difficulties.  A safe and confidential environment gives individuals an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways to live in a more satisfying and resourceful way.  It offers the opportunity to increase self-awareness, develop personal resources and understanding of problems as well as developing strategies to cope with change.

Area 43’s counselling service is available to all children and young people, whether they are in school, home or ‘educated otherwise’.  We have both male and female counsellors in our team and can offer counselling bilingually. We deliver counselling sessions to over 1,000 young people annually.


How to Access Schools Based Counselling from Area 43

There are several ways to access the counselling service – to make an appointment ask your teacher, head of year, the counsellor in your school. If you want to make an appointment without talking to anyone in school, you can ring Area 43 on 0800 0385778, which is a free call number or 01239 614566, during office hours or complete our self referral form. In some circumstances we would need to ask your parent/carer for their consent, but we would discuss this with you beforehand.

Area 43 takes referrals from other professional agencies, parents/carers, health workers, youth workers and school staff but no one can ‘make’ you have counselling if you do not want it.

Area 43 is an active member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and its Children & Young People’s Division. We are committed to supporting the BACP’s Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling.  The counselling service is monitored by the clinical director and the management at Area 43.

Online Counselling Service

Here for You is a FREE, universal Online Counselling Service for all young people resident in Ceredigion (aged 16 – 30) and those aged 13 – 18 who are registered with South Pembrokeshire GP practices. We have a team of both male and female counsellors who can offer a bilingual service. All our counsellors hold recognised qualifications up to at least degree level, with the addition of specialised training in working with young people.

Centre Based Counselling

Area 43 also offers a professional, confidential counselling service, which is free of charge to all young people aged 14-25 years who can attend our Cardigan centre or Youth Cafe – Depot. Please contact us using the details above, or call in for a chat.

Our counselling service is delivered by highly trained professionals and managed by people who fully understand the values and aims, as well as the limitations of counselling.

Overwhelmingly, children and young people report that counselling has helped them and made a real difference to improving their quality of life and sense of wellbeing. They were less worried, felt more supported and were more able to cope with issues at school, at home and in life in general.

We are always interested to meet qualified, BACP (or equivalent) registered counsellors to discuss possible opportunities at Area 43, or to discuss our work in general.  Please contact Lisa Head 01239 614566

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FREE Phone: 0800 0385778

Please call us for a chat about what we can offer


Here is a selection of responses from students who provided feedback about their counselling experiences:

“It helped me understand the emotions I felt. It helped me change how I dealt with and saw problems. It helped me trust others more than I used to”

“By building my confidence in class and helping me control my temper”

“The counselling helped me to believe in myself, not to put myself down or feel uncomfortable around people, to think things through carefully and that there’s no need to stress about anything”

“I don’t feel stressed as much and I’ve talked to someone about my problems. I’ve gained confidence and don’t argue with teachers anymore”

“It helped me by seeing how I get anger and how to cope and I have learnt strategies”

“Because I could talk about anything and feel comfortable it made Monday mornings better”

“It helped me change to the person people enjoy the company of and gave me back my confidence”

“It was nice to know that once a week I could talk to someone, I could concentrate on my school work instead of worrying about things on my mind and I learnt to help myself and have more confidence”

“It helped me turn my outlook around and feel better about myself and relationships with other people around me”

“Because I have thought of hurting myself but counselling has helped me through it”

“I have felt like I have found myself again. I am a much happier person now that things are improving.”

“Fe wnaeth fy helpu i ddeall yr emosiynau a oedd gennyf. Fe wnaeth fy helpu i newid sut yr oeddwn yn delio gydag a gweld problemau. Fe wnaeth fy helpu i ymddiried mewn eraill yn fwy nag yr oeddwn o’r blaen”

“Drwy adeiladu fy hyder yn y dosbarth a fy helpu i reoli fy nhymer”

“Fe wnaeth y sesiwn gynghori fy helpu i mi gredu yn fy hun, ddim i roi fy hun i lawr neu deimlo’n anesmwyth yng nghwmni pobl, i feddwl pethau’n ofalus ac nid oes angen poeni am ddim byd”

“Nid wyf yn teimlo dan bwysau cymaint ag yr oeddwn ac rwyf wedi siarad gyda rhywun am fy mhroblemau. Rwyf wedi ennyn hyder ac nid wyf yn dadlau gyda’r athrawon bellach”

“Fe wnaeth fy helpu i i weld sut yr oeddwn yn ddig a sut mae ymdopi ac rwyf wedi dysgu strategaethau”

“Oherwydd roeddwn yn gallu siarad am unrhyw beth a deimlais yn gyffyrddus. Roedd fy nheimladau am foreau Llun yn well”

“Fe wnaeth fy helpu newid a nawr mae pobl yn mwynhau bod yn fy nghwmni a chefais fy hyder yn ôl”

“Roedd hi’n braf cael gwybod fy mod i unwaith yr wythnos yn gallu siarad â rhywun, roedd modd i mi ganolbwyntio ar fy ngwaith ysgol yn lle poeni am bethau a oedd ar fy meddwl a dysgais sut i helpu fy hun a chael mwy o hyder”

“Fe wnaeth fy helpu troi fy rhagolwg ar bethau a theimlaf lawer hapusach am fy hun a pherthnasau gyda phobl eraill o’m cwmpas”

“Oherwydd bues i’n meddwl gwneud niwed i mi fy hun ond mae cyngor wedi fy helpu drwy’r sefyllfa”

“Teimlaf fy mod wedi dod o hyd i mi fy hun eto. Rwyf lawer hapusach nawr ac mae pethau’n dechrau gwella.”


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