area43 painting

Area 43 is an Independent Registered Charity, based in Cardigan, west Wales, providing Information, Support and Training to young people aged 16-25 and counselling services to those aged 10-30.  Founded as a community needs led project in 1996 we have been at the centre of the ThirdSector in west Wales for more than 20 years.

Area 43 provides a safe, fun, informative and inspiring environment for young people to access support.  We aim to empower young people to express themselves by engaging with the issues that affect them directly. We do this through educative, participative practice, enabling them to develop knowledge, understanding and positive attitudes towards their communities by being inclusive and non-judgemental in our approach.

Developing and providing a broad range of support services for young people, our aims are to:

  • Enable children and young people to develop self-esteem and a positive approach to their lives and their place in society.
  • To encourage them to participate in learning experiences and decision-making processes that impact their lives and their communities.
  • Address and combat the problems they face in their home circumstances, relationships, social and life experiences, paying particular attention to those challenged by homelessness, unemployment, substance/alcohol misuse, criminality and discrimination.
  • We are especially interested in working with those who are socially, educationally, economically or geographically disadvantaged or have any sort of disability.
  • Provide young people with real learning opportunities both formal and informal that encourage and allow them to fulfill their potential.
  • To co-operate with and share good practice and experience with agencies (both statutory and non-statutory) who provide services for young people and to forge links and represent the needs and aspirations of young people within their communities and to the government.

Counselling young people




      “Coming to Area 43 is kind of like my escape. The vibe is so good here and it’s like my therapy session when I can just chill, listen to music and paint. Also, if I have any problems, I know that the staff will do everything they can to help “