Area43 Team Outside the new Area43 Cafe

Area 43 – Youth Café

Area 43, a Cardigan based youth charity announced today they will be opening a youth only café on the high street.

Area 43 is an Independent Registered Charity, based in Cardigan, west Wales, providing Information, Support and Training to young people aged 14 – 25 and counselling services to those aged 4 – 30. Founded as a community needs led project in 1996, they have been at the centre of the Third Sector in west Wales for more than 20 years.

Area 43 provides a safe, fun, informative and inspiring environment for young people to access support with the aim to empower young people to express themselves by engaging with the issues that affect them directly. This is achieved through educative, participative practice, enabling young people to develop knowledge, understanding and positive attitudes towards their communities by being inclusive and non-judgemental in their approach.

Area 43 is looking to expand and rejuvenate its current service through the provision of a youth café, replacing the current drop in provision in Cardigan for 14-25 year olds thanks to funding from the WCVA Social Growth Business Fund and Big Lottery funding.

Area 43’s Chief Executive officer says ‘For more than twenty years, Area 43 has provided drop-in and counselling support to many vulnerable young people in the community. We are proud of what we have achieved, but in recent years the world has changed. Even before the pandemic, young people experienced increased mental health issues, suicide, isolation, and a support system that didn’t meet their needs.’

‘One in eight young people suffers from a mental health issue. 30% live in poverty, more than a third have self-harmed. Young people are experiencing a lack of employment opportunities, issues
related to body image and materialism, pressures from social media and negative stereotyping, and the age-old problems of poverty, domestic abuse and other family issues, substance misuse,
and crime. Add to that a year out of school, isolated from friends, family and support systems, and the crisis is at breaking point. And we must do something about it.’

Area 43 are attempting to tackle head-on the issues around isolation, self-esteem, resilience and the mental health issues affecting young people. We need to do this with young people, rather
than creating services and fitting young people into them. We need to be flexible, needs-led, trauma-informed and trustworthy.

Area 43 have recently purchased a property, formerly known as Pendre Art and Kirk’s coffee shop, in order to house this exciting new project. The youth café will be led by young people, supported
by trusted professionals, for young people.

Rachael Eagles, CEO said ‘Young people need to know that they can come to us, not just when in crisis, but before then, and that they will be heard, listened to and supported to make changes. Services need to have appeal to all young people, be open, inclusive and engaging. The youth café will provide a supportive, fun, and worthwhile experiences that are crucial to ensuring young
people can and will access services. So, should they ever be in crisis, they know where to turn for support.’

The youth café, yet to be named, is looking for young people who would like to be involved in designing the youth café services and can contact if they would like to be a
major part of designing what the youth café should look like and what activities should be run from this new base.

Area 43 are looking to open the youth café later on in the year to provide an open and inclusive space for young people aged 14-25, and will be providing food, beverages and activities from the

Photo from left to right: Andrea Green (Counselling Coordinator) Jules Parker (Youth Support Worker) holding Maisy the Therapy Dog, Rachael Eagles (CEO), Ryan Davies (General Manager),
Meggie Newman (Youth Support Worker), Lisa Head (Services Manager), Jacqui Lyne (Trustee), Mark Taylor (Trustee), Geoffrey Summers (Trustee), Geoff Jones (Trustee)